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Stock Number13179
MachineDMG MORI DMC 1150 V
Machine conditionEXCELLENT
Spindle hours7456


Basic machine DMC 1150 V Control CELOS with Siemens 840D sl Operate Options working table Preperation for NC-Devider EA510 indirect Cooling media / chip removal Swarf conveyor (scraper type) Documentation Documentation-1 english Documentation 2 english Screen Text Language Screen text german/english Options for CELOS with Siemens / Siemens Manual control panel 4rth axis ready Measuring Infrared measuring probe PP 60 optical CELOS Products NETSERVICE (CELOS) SERVICE AGENT (CELOS) MESSENGER (CELOS) Vertical-Machining centre DMC 1150 V New DMG MORI Design X = 1150 mm, Y = 700 mm, Z = 550 mm X = 43,30 in, Y = 27,55 in, Z = 21,65 in 42 m/min // 137,7 ft/min Rapid feed Speed range 20 - 14,000 rpm InLine spindle 20,3/14,5 kW // 27,22/19,44 hp (40/100% DC) Tool taper ISO40/SK40 DIN69871 Tool clamping according to DIN69872 Toolchanger 20 places SK40 (Disk with pockets and Double gripper equipment) Table dimension 1460 x 750 mm // 57,48 x 29,52 in Direct Measuring system X,Y,Z CELOS® with Siemens 840D sl Operate includes 21,5“- ERGOline® Control with Multi-Touch-Screen. APPs simplify machine operation and support integrated management, documentation and visualization of orders, process and machine data. Interactive with CAD / CAM and compatible with PPS / ERP. Preparation for NC-Divider EA510 with indirect measuring system Swarf conveyor (scraper type) discharge height 950 mm // 37.40 in Screen text german/english Electronic handwheel Infrared measuring probe PP 60 optical Netservice SERVICE AGENT (CELOS) Overview of all maintenance work on the machine Qualified support by Internet-based remote diagnostics MESENGER (CELOS) Clear live status of the networked machines Technical Data: Vertical machining center DMC 1150 V in C-frame-design New DMG MORI Design Working area: Travel range: X = 1150 mm, Y = 700 mm, Z = 550 mm Distance spindle nose - table: 150 to 700 mm Clamping area table: 1400 x 750 mm (55,11 x 29,52 in) with 7 slots in a distance of 100 mm (3.94 in) (slot in the middle 14H7 and 6 slots 14H12) Maximum table load: 1500 kg Feed drives: Mode of drive: digitally controlled AC-motors, ball screw drives Feed rate: X, Y, and Z axis maximum 36,000 mm/min // 118 ft/min Rapid traverse rate: X, Y, and Z axis 36 m/min // 118 ft/min Max. feed force: X, Y, and Z axis 6.5 kN // 1,461 lbs Guideways: roller guideways Measuring systems: Standard: Indirect measuring system (motor measurement system) Positioning uncertainties Pmax = 20 µm // 0.00079 in (acc. to VDI/DGQ 3441) Option: Direct measuring system, absolute linear path measuring system, resolution 0.001 mm // 0.000039 in, photo-electrical (in connection with Heidenhain control) magnetic (in connection with Siemens control) Positioning uncertainties Pmax = 8 µm // 0.00032 in (acc. to VDI/DGQ 3441) The accuracy is strongly dependent on the external thermic influences. The highest accuracy will be achieved in a temperature range of + 20 °C /-2 °C. Direct solar radiation, strong draft, vibrations by external units and heat accumulation should be avoided. Main drive: Mode of drive: AC motor digitally controlled and liquid cooled with flange mounted spindle cartridge Speed range standard: 20 - 14,000 rpm Cooling AC main drive: water circulation cooling (heat exchanger) Drive capacity: 20,3 kW // 27,22 hp (40% DC) 14,5 kW // 19,44 hp (100% DC) Max. spindle torque: 121 Nm // (40% DC) 84 Nm // (100% DC) Tool clamping force: 10 kN // Tool taper: SK40 DIN69871 Pneumatic unclamping unit for pull studs DIN69872 Lubrication: permanent grease lubrication chip conveyor (scraper type) including coolant tank delivery volume: approx. 40 l/min at 2 bar (10.6 gallon/min at 29 psi)